Australian Mist

This breed was developed over a period of thirty years by an Australian breeder. The Australian Mist is a short-hair cat with a spotted or marble coat and affectionate personality.

Common Characteristics

  • Size: 1 to 20 pounds
  • Lifespan: 16 to 25 years
  • Pet purchase cost: $501 to $1000
  • Allergies: Severe
  • Shedding: Moderate
  • Primarily suited for indoors


Common Reasons for Surrender

The Australian Mist is still a relatively new breed that was founded in the late 1970s and typically is not surrendered. Those who can no longer care for their Australian Mist generally return their cat to the breeder, as is written in many breeder contracts, for rehoming.


Australian Mists love people and want to be with their humans all of the time. Because they are very tolerant, laidback, and don’t mind being handled and carried, the breed makes an ideal pet for families with children of all ages.


Some people don’t like the constant need for companionship that Australian Mists crave. Australian Mists are also meant to be indoor cats, which may not suit those who want to adopt or purchase a cat to live outdoors even some of the time.


Dr. Truda Straede, the breed founder, recommends a fresh food diet for the Australian Mist. Offer your cat fresh food, such as meat from the butcher’s shop, yogurt, grated cheese, and bones. Others recommend feeding whatever your Australian Mist prefers. Generally, however, Australian Mists aren’t picky. Treats should be healthy. Acceptable treats include cooked chicken and grated cheese. Canned tuna in oil is an especially good treat as the oil will help to dissolve hairballs.


You don’t have to worry about ensuring your Australian Mist gets enough exercise. She will take care of that herself, running around the house and playing with toys. Play sessions with favorite toys, such as a ball or a wand, are also a good way to spend time with your cat.

Possible Health Issues

An overall healthy breed, the Australian Mist may be prone to easy weight gain. As a result, you must keep a careful watch on how much your cat eats. Be sure to have your cat spayed or neutered at an appropriate age, which will also help prevent weight gain.


Avoid using any litter that is dusty. Some experts recommend digestible clay litter while others strongly urge against using any clumping litter. Newspaper-based litters (Yesterday’s News) and pine-based wood stove pellets are healthy alternatives. Breeder’s Choice is also a popular and healthy litter option.


Australian Mists require minimal grooming. A good daily brush or a thorough petting of the fur to remove dead and excess hair will suffice.


Some cats take well to training while others don’t. Australian Mists are an intelligent breed and can easily be trained—if they want to be trained. The key to successful training is to start as early as possible in your cat’s life. Cats can be trained to use a toilet, to walk on a leash, to fetch, and to respond to basic commands.


A good game of fetch will keep your Australian Mist happy and entertained. Don’t be surprised if she all of a sudden gets a sudden burst of energy and wants to play with you. Popular toys with most cats are laser pointers, feather wants, and balls with bells inside. Catnip toys also energize most cats. When not in a playful mood, your Australian Mist will likely prefer to just cuddle with you and other family members.

We want to thank Dr. Truda Straede, Australian Mist Breed Founder and The Australian Mist Cat Society for help with this profile. Photos courtesy of Dr. Truda Straede.

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