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Frequently Asked Questions

Q I would like to get a pet, but I’m not sure which pet is right for me. How does PetStarter help me find a pet?

A Our Perfect Pet Wizard guides you through a series of questions and narrows the field of potential pets for your as you respond.

Q I answered the questions in the Perfect Pet Wizard and I got some strange pet suggestions. What now?

A We want our Perfect Pet Wizard and profile pages to be as accurate as possible. We are constantly updating our information. We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the home page and share your feedback with us.

Q I already know what sort of pet I want. How can PetStarter help me learn more about a that specific pet?

A PetStarter provides detailed profiles and information about several different dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, and small animals. Search by category or type in a specific pet name to browse profiles. Each profile page also includes links to social content and external content for each specific pet.

Q I’d like to connect with other pet owners. How can PetStarter help?

A Our community tab provides links to external websites, blogs, as well as social media content on Facebook and Twitter. Learn and share with our community of pet enthusiasts.