Treat Your Dog and Help Dogs in Need

    Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars




Who doesn’t love getting a surprise package in the mail? Including your dog! BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers high quality pet products to your pet every month.  A BarkBox subscription is a great gift for the new pet owner.  It is also a great option for those pet owners who regularly pamper their pets with toys and treats.  Because 10% of the proceeds go toward supporting a rescue group, it’s a great way to give back to dogs in need while spoiling your dog as well. 

How does it work?

BarkBox offers a variety of monthly subscription plans, from 1 month ($29) up to 12 months ($18/month). 

Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.  So whether you want to give a one-time gift to your friend who just got a dog or you spoil your pet all year around, has you covered.  Choose your pet size and subscription plan, and Barkbox delivers your goodies to your doorstep.

What’s in a BarkBox?

Each Barkbox package comes with 4-6 treats, toys, and hygiene products tailored to your pet’s size.  Items vary each month, but all of the items selected are high quality and safe for your pets.  Toys are made of durable safe materials.  Treats selected by BarkBox are held to a high standard of quality as well – no goodies with rawhide or anything processed with formaldehyde.  BarkBox even has options for pets with allergies and special dietary restrictions. 


Automatic renewal. subscriptions automatically renew, so make sure you contact the website to cancel your plan before it is automatically renewed.  BarkBox spells this out pretty clearly on their FAQs section, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise.  Just stay on top of your subscription plan and you’ll be fine. 

Free shipping is limited.  Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states.  Tack on an extra $5 for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.

Overall is a great way to save time shopping and pamper your dog while giving back to dogs in need.  Chances are your dog will be wagging his tail instead of barking when mailman comes to the door.